In December 2013 the International European School in Warsaw, named after Jan Kulakowski, has launched a public campaign under the slogan "Freedom - Made in Poland". The campaign is planned to end in January 2015 and it aims to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the historical events that began in Poland in 1989 and led to changes in all of Europe. Following the formation of Solidarity in 1980 and the attempt to suppress this biggest trade union movement in the history of the world by the introduction of Martial law on 13th December 1981, was the start of talks on 6th February 1989 between the communist government and the opposition at the "Round Table" that resulted in the first, partly democratic elections on 4th June 1989 and gave an impulse to changes that followed rapidly throughout Europe. "The Round Table" and the creation of the first non-communist government showed all Europe that "there's no freedom without Solidarity". Thanks to the changes initiated in Poland, came the fall of the Berlin Wall, the "Velvet Revolution" in Czechoslovakia, and the Baltic countries, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania gained their freedom and independence. Fifteen years later, most European countries could at last enjoy their belonging to Free and United Europe.

We started the campaign "Freedom - Made in Poland" by placing this slogan in the school?s calendar that is traditionally designed by our students. On 19th December 2013, during our annual Charity Christmas Concert in Roma Musical Theatre in Warsaw, we presented short films, and in early January 2014 we presented our first billboard with the slogan. On 6th February 2014, on the day of the 25th anniversary of the start of the "Round Table Talks" we showed a film on our website that reminded everyone of the event. We will be showing more films related to the anniversary as well as our students? works that relate to the campaign.

In addition to the main logo "Freedom - Made in Poland" that was designed by a graduate of our school, all the works will also be joined with the slogan "Care for freedom" that summarizes and relates to both those who remember the events that took place 25 years ago, as well as those who were born in Free Poland and Free Europe. The campaign which is carried out by our school does not only aim to remind of the events initiated in Poland 25 years ago, but also to make all European citizens sensitive to the issue of solidarity with those who cannot yet enjoy this freedom.


Care for freedom!







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